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Enormous amounts of ambition, talent and endless passion are the three main characteristics that best describe Tony Cha Cha.At a young age Tony Cha Cha got infected with a musical virus that hasn't left him since. In his early twenties he landed his first residency in the now defunct, but at the time booming, club IT in Amterdam, Holland. His unique mixing style together with self-made bootlegs rapidly turned Tony into a definite fan favorite amongst clubbers and promoters alike.Tony Cha Cha, born in the Hague (Netherlands) as Dimitrie Siliakus, grew up in the city of Amersfoort. He started his career packed with a dream to turn his hobby into a profession. His first steps consisted of DJing at school-parties and organically grew into landing regular gigs at local clubs in his hometown.In those local clubs is where his undeniable talent was discovered by one of the captains of industries, DJ Jean. This offered him his first big break and marked the first big milestone in his tender career as he was offered a residency at club IT. At the same time he started focusing on the production side of music. Tracks such as 'Slut', Shake And Rock This' and 'JAH' (a collaboration with fellow DJ Chuckie) all made their way into the record bags of many jocks and got plenty of airtime from ditto radio stations.Considered as one of the most energetic presences behind the decks, Tony has build up an impressive list of embarked clubs and events. Mystery Land, Dance Valley, Nope Is Dope and Sneakerz are just the tip of the iceberg. At those events is also where his passion for self-made bootlegs shines through. Armed with those remakes he delivers a fresh experience for both clubbers and promoters alike.The future looks bright for Tony Cha Cha. With the imminent launch of his own record label Cubical Records he is choosing a new path. Instead of taking the easy route he is determined to make an everlasting mark in the scene known as Dance.Tony Cha Cha will continue to surprise us with his refreshing take on electronic music, his imprint and his solid DJ session in the club.

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