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'Getting paid for the thing you love to do most, is the greatest feeling a person can get'. These are the words of Miss Sugaware, who now is one of the most outstanding dj's with her striking appearance. With her charisma en the most beautiful feminine outfits she wouldn't even have to touch the decks, this is already a star ready to shine!As a little girl Mari Sugawara(16may 1981) was hooked to performing, singing and dancing. Love and passion for music grew as she got older. After graduating from businessschool she decided to take a year of. During that period she travelled around the world, whereupon she came back to Holland and started to work in the catering industry. Because of her beautiful appearance, witch she got from her japanese/polish parents she also did some modelling and dancing as a gogo-dancer at clubs in Amsterdam such as Escape, Panama and the Supperclub on the side. Here she started figuring out what she really loved to do. In a bar she was working at that time(2005) there were some decks laying around and the moment she touched the players she fell in love and got hooked! Music became her best friend and they got married! She was practicing 24/7 and wouldn't give up keeping in mind that this was what she was meant to do.After a couple of months she started to create her very own style of playing and more and more became one with music. Her dream came true after going out with friends at the Zebra Lounge in Amsterdam. She was asked to play a record. After everyone fell in love with her sound, she became a resident every first thursday of the month at the Zebra Lounge in Amsterdam. This was only one year ago.Her stage name was simple, with a beautiful name as Sugawara it was a piece of cake. Armed with a bag full of sexyness, femininity, gorgeous dresses and the best records under her arm she is the ultimate artist.From Escape till Club NL, from Panama till the Sugarfactory ,from Zenith till Heineken Music Hall, from Beachclub Bloomingdale till several Schollerships she's done it all in a short period of time. And we even haven't spoken about the countries abroad. When she is asked what kind of music she plays, she always says "REAL HOUSEMUSIC".I'm eclectic when it comes down to house I always say. I'm a housefreak! I love soulful, uplifting, groovy and deep house, with a hint of a little electro and tech house. I only play what I really love, creating my own sound and try to bring that out to the people in front of me.This is only the beginning of a succesfull career. Miss Sugaware is also busy making her own productions, using her own voice. This has not been the last thing you have heard of this multi talented lady! So keep your eyes and ears open!

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