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Sandra a.k.a. Dj Miss Phoenix was born in the Chinese year of the dragonin a town near Rotterdam in The Netherlands.At very young age she started her interest in dance music, and as a young girl you could always find her on one of the many dance floors around Rotterdam.At this moment her great passion is trance music and all the different sounds around trance. She will explore everything and bring the people to a ultimate sound in her mixing sets. Her first live performance "Chicks in the Mix" became a big success, and encouraged her to do more live gigs. When Dj Miss Phoenix visited the studio of Dance Radio Hitec early 2008, she was spotted directly as a hidden talent. After some training she gladly took the offer for a residency at this internationally known internet radio station, so now you can enjoy her trance mixing-sets in highquality every week.Since early 2009 she got even more exposure by starting her own monthly radio show on internet radio Trance FM and more will follow. In the meanwhile this sexy lady is playing her sound on different gigs, also under the name "Miss Phoenix Party" with a longest playing set of 8 hours behind the DJ booth, until so far.DJ Miss Phoenix recently started producing here own songs and will soon conquer the world with her musical feelings!

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