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There is no true hardcore fanatic that doesn't know the beautiful dj revelation Korsakoff! Famous for her typical “Korsakoff” productions such as Time to be Loud, My empty bottle and Still wasted, infamous for her dazzling deejay sets, she showed the male dominated scene that girls can do it better! Korsakoff’s huge success came in 2004 when she and Dj Outblast produced the all time floorfiller “Unleash the Beast”, this masterpiece was the official Masters of Hardcore anthem of that year. Unleash the beast was the most wanted and requested video-clip ever on the television network The Box and was played by deejay’s worldwide. The same year she showed her skills on events such as Masters of Hardcore and Thunderdome, a new female phenomenon was born! Nowadays Korsakoff is on of the biggest names in the hardcore scene, showing her skills and beauty on all the massive parties in the Netherlands and abroad. Her journeys to countries such as Spain, Swiss, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Italy and France prove the international respect this lady gained the last few years. Her mindblowing fotoshoot in FHM stunned the eyes of thousands of fans, the exciting pictures and the straight forward interview gave a good inside view on the busy life of one of the most successful female artists in hardcore history. After an extremely busy year Korsakoff still found the time to release a dancefloor destroying mixalbum with Outblast and her latest breath taking solo album "Korsakoff - Pink Noise" which was released on a dedicated Korsakoff night at the impressive Matrixx club.

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