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No stranger to the flattery of being imitated, Producer/DJ Junior Sanchez stands way above the overgrown crowd of Pop-Punk and Electro DJs in the US and the world around. The best explanation for this? Im not a Pop-Punk or Electro DJ! he exclaims. Indeed, his many styles and diverse tastes in music breathe life into his sets and bring freshness to the dance floor that is rarely duplicated. The standard record bag loaded with hits of the past few months does not hold up to a Junior Sanchez set in any club, in any country. Junior is constantly introducing new remixes and new tracks often his own into the mix along with a healthy amount of the best tracks of the past and present dance, pop and rock scene. How many other jocks would profess to a penchant for Brian Eno, ELO, Dave Clarke, Kate Bush and Radiohead while in the studio remixing an unreleased Bloc Party track?When it comes to music, its all about tomorrow baby states Sanchez, whose sets, studio tracks and remixes often take electronic music at large into another realm. His forward-looking philosophy, however, does not eclipse the fact that this mans yesterday is more impressive than most DJs in the world could ever hope for. One of the few DJs that New Yorkers care enough about to claim as their own, the New Jersey native has a resume that is nothing short of inspiring. One reason for Junior's longevity is the simple fact that he started listening to music while most kids were making sandcastles. The youngest of six siblings, it was inevitable that his musical adventures would start earlier than most. "We all had our own character and style one brother was into Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode and another was into The Revolting Cocks, and Ministry. But my sister was into Boston, Fleetwood Mac and ELO! I learned to appreciate all kinds of music early on began to see how they could all work together. By fifteen, Junior had played at all of Peter Gatien's clubs and had a residency at Club USA in Times Square "playing house music and eighties for queens it was amazing." Since his emergence onto the dance music scene, Junior has released a slew of razor-sharp singles to massive critical and commercial acclaim. Melting dance floors and studio sessions alongside his DJ/producer friends Felix Da Housecat, Stuart Price (LRD, Zoot Woman, Jacques Lu Cont), Armand Van Helden and countless others , Junior has also recorded, collaborated, produced and remixed artists such as Blake Miller (Moving Units), IMA ROBOT, Action Reaction , The Bravery , Kill Hannah , Annie , Madonna , Shakira , Marc (LEN), & many others. Bringing his impressive past along while making tracks for the future, Junior has undoubtedly stepped to the forefront of a culture-defining genre; applying his signature style to his everything he does and taking no prisoners.

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