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Gregor started playing classical piano as a small kid.He got fascinated by the new House sound after hearing the record Royal House - Can you party" and around the age of fourteen he started making electronic music on his dad?s Commodore Amiga. Together with his childhood friend dj Ernst he won a talent price at their high school (In Aeternum award. Stedelijk Gymnasium, Haarlem) and with the money from the award + some loans they bought their first gear. From that moment they spent every free minute in their small home studio, while fantasizing about hearing their on music in a club.Gregor's first record was released in 1994 on Outland Records in Amsterdam and many more followed. From that very start Gregor mixed his favorite musical styles Soul, Latin, Afro and Jazz with his own music.Years later after doing his internship at the former distribution of the Spanish chill-out label Café del Mar he broadened his musical view and decided he wanted to create his own label, not only for his own productions but also for the music of others. Today his label G-REX Music is regarded as one of the most upfront nu-groove labels in Europe.While doing this internship he also met the Spanish producer Dr. Kucho! Some underground records were produced by the duo but the big audience didn't notice them until their first international dance hit Can't stop playing. A couple of club bombs followed and as a result Gregors records are currently being played by the world?s most influential djs in this style of dance.Although Gregor started as a producer and first didn?t really understand the hype around djs (why make such a fuss about someone who's only playing others records), he finally became one himself.Gregor Salto is known for his funky sets with a lot Soul, Latin, Jazz, Disco and Afro flavored House and other beats. He?s played in cities like Moscow, Madrid and Milan and in most Dutch clubs like: Escape, NOW WOW, Silly, The Matrix, Club NOA, Sinners, More, Paradiso, Hotel Arena, Stalker, Zebralounge, Paard van Troje Lichtfabriek, De Rechter, Winkel van Sinkel, Bloomingdale, BLM 9, Monza, Naturel, Lipton, Clinique Thalia Lounge, Vakzuid, Off Corso and Las Palmas.

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