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Deepack are Marcel van der Zwan and Frank Pechler. Both guys started producing together after high school in the early 90's. Besides spinning at various clubs and big events like Qlimax, Hardbass and Sensation Black, they are also well-known in numerous countries all over the world. Over the years they released different projects in various styles. In 2001 they combined forces together with Charly Lownoise. The three of them started producing under the name "Deepack". The first productions, such as "Drop Out" and "Blue Horizons", became massive early hardstylehits. After spinning @ some Q-Dance events they were asked to release some tracks on the infamous Q-label. Floorfillers, such as "100 procent", "Here’s Johnny" and "Down Low", are still played by DJ's around the globe. They have produced remixes of Brooklyn Bounce's "X2X" and DHHD's "Funky Shit", to name but a few. On the Q-label their first cooperation was with DJ Luna which resulted in "Kick this Mutha" and "Stomper". Because of both their way of giving their style an unique sound, and their performance on stage, they were asked to produce the "2003 Qlimax anthem". After this success they made more anthems, such as Luna’s "Mind Space" for "Sensation Black 2004" and "Now is the Time" for "Luna’s One Man Show" in the Gelredome footballstadium in Arnhem. Other cooperations followed such as artists like Showtek and The Prophet and there is more come, so stay tuned :)

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