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As two young boys of 16 & 17, Dano Ashruf & Rashid Badloe as know as the “Afro Bros” always knew each other ever since they got birth from their mothers. They are family related and nowadays they know each other for about 19 years. They have a very musical family consisting deejays, party organizers, a reggeaband and instrument players. So their roots are definitely from their family. When their cousins offered them a job for promoting their party’s Dano & Rashid took it and started working for nightclubs. From that moment they came in touch with all kinds of house music and it became their favorite style of music. After work they always stayed in the club listening to the music and watched many famous deejays of all around the world spinning in the deejay booth. After a long time watching them, they asked themselves the question: Why aren’t we standing there! And so it began. They teamed up as deejays and came up with the name “Afro Bros”! They learned deejaying watching the deejays in the club they were working and watched educative video’s on YouTube. Their first gigs came from their cousins who organized parties. From there they practiced during their sets what they learned by watching and tips they got. From there one they each time bettered themselves and they got more and more gigs to prove themselves as deejays and tried giving the name “Afro Bros” a spot in the world of deejays. They never stopped and kept on pushing to accomplish their goals. With their combined strengths and their ability to sense each other not only during a set but every time and everywhere, they bring a true passionate and an entertained performance what didn’t stay unnoticed. They sort of reached their goal but it wasn’t enough for them, they wanted more and everything. They got more of their interest in producing music and loved tracks of Chocolate Puma, Mastiksoul, Gregor Salto, Hardsoul, Franky Rizardo & Sydney Samson. Their new goal was to do that too! From this point of till know they are creating a style that suits them and also rock the clubs big time with several number 1 hits on Dance-tunes! Watch out for these boys, they are unstoppable!

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